Hard vs. Soft

06 May

I am a tea drinker. I enjoy all kinds of teas, especially herbal and oolong.

At work, I desire to drink tea to avoid the pop and coffee options. However, the tea at work tastes lousy! I usually have to use two bags, and even then there’s hardly any flavor. I even use the hot water spigot to make it, and THEN microwave it for another two minutes. Still, the flavor remains flat and blah.

I hathe found the reason! Hard vs. soft.

At work, it is city water which is softened. At home, it is hard water, which has only some basic filters, but not softened for drinking. (For washing dishes and all bathroom water, it is softened – no lime build up here!)

Now I bring bottles of water from home into the office to make my tea and to enjoy straight.

The tea is so very much better! With only one bag, the flavor is divine! It’s just like the hot tea my mom and I enjoy all winter long by the pot. (I mean tea-pot, and not with marijuana pot.)

Morale of the Story: When it’s dreadful at the office, bring in a bit of home to cheer it up.

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