The Chocolate Tale – It’s Gripping!

26 Apr

Spoiler Alert: There is none! Read this review, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the book.2013-04-24 23.39.33 Signed

I started reading this incredible book by the magnificent Joel Glenn Brenner last year. I had to put it aside to do my annual Christmas book marathon (my annual adventure in reading all Christmas-related books I can get my hands on from Thanksgiving until New Years or later). My colleagues were so very glad I set it aside because each day I would report at work each and every new bit of information I learned the night before. They needed a break!

I finally caught up on my book group books, so I was able to pick it up again a week ago. My colleagues are relieved I’ve finally finished so the litany of daily facts is done. We can now get to work by Noon.

This was an amazing book! I don’t know why it isn’t required for all sales, marketing, manufacturing, and business classes in colleges nationwide. What a remarkable history! The Emperors of Chocolate are the Mars and Hershey companies. This book covers EVERYTHING from where chocolate comes from to how it becomes a candy bar, how the companies started in kitchens and are now worth billions each, family owned business vs. not, and how to create a marketing plan … or not.

I was addicted to this book just as my brother, an orchard man, is addicted to all things apple trees or my sister a chef is hooked on all things baked. The thrill of learning how everything works in building a factory from the ground up to the battle to be the #1 chocolate company in the US of A. I couldn’t have been more intrigued.

I highly recommend you read this! When I like various points or quotes from a book, I use a sticky note to write it down later. However, by the time I set this book aside for my Christmas reading journey, I had at least 30 markers! I called my local bookstores to buy it but I was very sad to find that it’s out of print. I know! Who would let such a thing happen? I don’t have a clue. I hope your local library has it, as mine did. I was able to purchase a few copies from and transfer my markers to my own copy. I gave a few away for Christmas as well. You could borrow mine, but don’t mess with my sticky markers, and you might have to put down a deposit so that I’m assured to have it back.

Here’s the kicker: I really don’t even like chocolate much! Oh, sure, I enjoyed it as a child. Yet over the years, it has appealed to me less and less, especially chocolate candy. Absolutely no dark chocolate, I find it bitter (unless it’s accompanied by mint, then it’s ALL good). Now chocolate cake, pudding, or cookies is a whole other matter – those I enjoy. I’m turning into my brother and a cousin Vicky who find most chocolate icky. No matter, this book remains top on my list and it will for years to come! Come, join me in being a fan of this remarkable tale!

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