Not Again!

24 Apr

Not again will I leave my car outside with the windows open, or anywhere, overnight, with the windows down.

Why? The first reason is probably more life endangering, but the second reason sticks in my memory more firmly.

The first time I realized it might be a poor choice to leave my car outside with the windows down was in the rain. Well, perhaps rain is not the right word. Ragging Thunder Storm would be more accurate. My car was parked between the garage and the power lines with the car windows down overnight.

When I tried to go to class for college the next morning, it had poured a drenching rain which included thunder and lightning and gusting winds. My plush car seats were soaked through to the metal rails, and the floor hadn’t fared much better. It took weeks to dry out. Fortunately, my car and I had the opportunity to enjoy those weeks of wet pants and squishy beach towels together. Why? Because hanging equal to the back bumper’s height was the electric line. Only 1.5 inches from the car. Let’s just say that I did NOT drive to class that day. Lesson learned: Do not leave car outside … with the windows down … near live wires.

Yet, there was another lesson to be learned. This sticks in my mind far more, and yet it shouldn’t. I, foolishly, had learned the first lesson, but not the second: Do NOT leave the windows down! Ha! Here’s how that lesson was imbedded into my soul.

A few years later when I was working at my first grown-up, full-time job, I got in my car to go to work.
I slowly backed out of the garage.
I got out of the car and shut the garage door.
I got back in the car.
The sun was bright, so I put down the visor.
I jumped screaming like a banshee from the car dancing a creeped out jig.
There was a moth the size of the visor sleeping on the visor.

Dear old dad came to the rescue, laughing at me, half bent over from hysteria, until he saw the moth for himself. He sobered up quite quickly and nearly knocked himself unconscious by standing up straight to jump back. When he recovered, he gently removed the largest moth either of us has ever seen to this day. Well, dad’s in heaven now, so perhaps he has met larger moths. I can’t be sure.

Any which way, the windows are not down in my car when I tuck myself in each night. Not even one little, teeny, tiny crack. Not again!

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