The Sky Way

12 Apr

Driving down the highway, the clouds looked like they were guiding the way. Coming together to show me where to go. A single path.

That’s how I feel about Jesus and the heroes in my life. There is the ground that I walk upon, but there are those people in my life who show me the steps to take.

Jesus said to love one another.

Dad said to walk humbly with my fellow human beings and animals alike. (And sometimes it’s hard to tell the human beings from the animals.)

Grandma said to use my imagination. It would help me all the days of my life.

Ms. Echols said to think outside of myself. It would benefit everyone.

Pastor John said to love everyone equally. And that means everyone: The fast food chef who mixes up your sandwich, the driver who cut you off on the highway, and yourself for whatever it is that drives you nuts about yourself.

Lynn said to not fear taking steps back in order to get your head together and more forward on the right path. She was referring to the crochet, but it works in life too.

Stacy said to do the research before making the decision, but other times it’s better to jump in feet first without thinking. The intelligence factor is knowing the difference.

Betsie said it’s okay to be sad. And it’s okay to be glad. Whatever you are, don’t fake it.

Nicole and her grandma Cheri taught me to never give up. Medical issues aside, life goes on and we go on with it. There is joy to be found even when you’re in pain.

Aunt Gladys said that she’d love me no matter what I did. I was her family, and that was all that mattered. She felt that way about all of us – blood relations or not.

There are so many more who have gently nudged my path. So when I look up and see the clouds guiding my way, I know that it is God reminding me that many impact the paths I take in life. I am blessed by and thankful for each and everyone of them.

IMG_3660 Sign

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