Fire & Ice

12 Feb

2013-02-11 19.10.52 Small SignedTonight’s post is not about humor, it’s about humility. America’s First Responders humble me. Tonight the roads were slick and undesirable for driving. I don’t care to drive on ice slicked glass, and that was the condition I saw beneath my tires.

When I came across an accident, I ended up in line to pass it. There was one police car there, but no other for the eight or more vehicles. Shortly, fires trucks pulled up on each side of my car from Oshtemo Fire Department. What a blessing that all ambulance, fire, and police persons are trained in medical care.

As I child, I never understood why anyone disliked the police. My grandfather fell out of apple trees three times during my lifetime. Each time the first to arrive was the Fire Department. Second on the scene was the Police Department. Lastly, and after grandpa was stable and responsive, came the Ambulance Team.

At our country home, the Fire Department was nearest. Those men (no, there were no women) were always first and worked to stabilize my grandpa. Next were the Policemen (again, no women) who asked us gently what happened, and were impressed that a full-time apple man of 70+ years had fallen from an apple tree during active duty. Lastly were the Ambulance personnel (of course, no women) who loaded grandpa into their emergency vehicle on the Fire Department’s backboard.

For me, First Responders mean help, assurance, and kindness. I give thanks for them helping out all of us who were foolhardy enough to travel the roads this evening. I am humbled by the gift they give to the community.

Morale of the Story: No matter if it’s a fire wreaking havoc or icy roads causing crashes, the Fire Department and other First Responders are there for us!

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