Aunt Gladys … and the Gift

30 Jan

I know, the title makes claim that I have had the best aunt ever. Well, it’s true, so accept it and enjoy the rest. I try to be an aunt like her, but I fail miserably. My Aunt Gladys was my aunt, my friend, and my confidant. She was always there … and I have one item from her that will always be with me.

Most of the time, Aunt Gladys and I agreed. However, she was a conservative republican and I am a liberal democrat (if I’m any political party at all). We did not let this get between us. We had so much more in common. A love for animals, jokes about how much love and frustration is combined in church, hope in the Lord, and enjoyment of humorous movies.

There are two things we did not agree on that she would NOT let drop: she wanted me to marry and she believed every woman needed an underwire bra. I am not kidding! Oh, sure, many people of her generation nit and pick on those of us who would rather be happily single than miserably married. Sure, if my prince comes along, I’ll gladly marry. And eventually, she came to understand I was not going to settle on just anyone for a husband, and she nagged me less frequently.

The one thing she never gave up on: The underwire bra. For years I explained they aren’t for me. I had found something that worked without a wire, and I was fine. She agreed that I “looked” fine, but she claimed that I still needed an underwire. Never once have I tried one that did not poke at me in miserable ways.  Aunt Gladys wouldn’t buy it. In part because she grew up in an era where wearing uncomfortable clothing was expected to look your very best.

Finally, she gave me one. Used. Ack!!!

Yep, we wore the same size, and she had found this specific one not to bother her in the least, so it was gifted to me. It’s a lovely lavender with lace. Lace on my skin itches worse than poison ivy. Granted, I am thus far not impacted negatively by poison ivy, but still, it itches in a highly unacceptable manner.

So, I have this lavender, lace, underwire bra. I will not wear it. Never have I tried it on.

What do I do with it? Well, she gave it to me not long before she passed away. So, it means a lot to me because she gave it to me out of love. Therefore, I move it to random drawers so I can find it unexpectedly and Laugh Out Loud! I will always have this bra.

Moral of the Story: Some gifts that appear absolutely useless can come in handy to make you smile and remember the joy of a loved one.

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