Now I Know

21 Jan

I learned some things on Sunday evening, January 13, 2013.

It was dark and cold. I was tired, and light wasn’t on my agenda, so I had taken the garbage through the house without turning on any additional lights. However, I did require the garage light, so that I would not miss throwing the trash into the trash bin. (I was not bending over to pick up anything that didn’t make it in.)

At the same moment that I opened the door between the house and the garage, I turned on the light. There, on the edge of the garbage bin was a mouse. I learned a few things.

  1. Have you ever dreamt that you were in a dangerous situation and needed to scream, but you could not make a sound? No one could hear you? No one could come to your aid? Well, I learned that when frightened, I scream like a howling banshee.
  2. I learned that a mouse can jump at least three feet through the air, run over the top of a car, and fling its self into the unknown void in the back of the garage in under 8 seconds flat.
  3. I learned that my mom can’t hear me scream like this with the television on in another room.
  4. I learned that my cats will come running no matter where they are in the house.
  5. I learned that I must now teach my cats how to use the phone to dial 911.

Morale of the Story: You learn something new every day.

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