My Dad’s Friend or Enemy?

17 Jan

Dads Old Smile CIRCLEMy dad was a passionate man. This passion I speak of was his strong emotion for certain things he valued in life. More often that not, his passion was shown with a kind word, a fun story, or a shared laugh. Once in a while, someone would get him going.

We had awesome vegetarian neighbors while I was growing up. They had their own chickens for eggs, their own garden to grow veggies, and their own fruit for wine. All of the dishes I ate at their home were absolutely delicious, well seasoned, and served with love. The conversation was another matter.

I feared that this adoring couple were friends with my mom, but enemies with my dad. I didn’t know how my dad could laugh so easily during the meal, but shout with vehemence after dinner while talking with the husband in their living room. Mom, the wife, and I always stayed in the kitchen around their warm and cozy kitchen table. Yet there was shouting in the living room!

It was years before I understood what the hollering was about in the other room. Turns out, the men were “discussing” politics. Both were liberal. Both were peace keepers. Both were Christian. Both were vehement in their beliefs. Both became passionate and boisterous in expressing their shared opinions. They were preaching to the choir. Or is that yelling at the choir?

Any which way, these men not only loved one another, they shared the same beliefs in many areas. They just happened to proclaim loudly those things that they believed most passionately.

Morale of the Story: Love is shown in many ways.

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