Nurse Daisy

12 Jan

Daisy SmallI have a cat that I wish I’d not had spayed. Okay, it’s not that I want kittens or anything – I don’t. But Daisy is such a good caretaker, I believe she would have been in 7th heaven to have her own litter of kittens. Normally, I would never say such a thing because I believe in responsible pet care – and spaying/neutering is a big part of responsible pet care.

Daisy has this amazing knack for knowing when I am in need. Her behavior toward me changes. Her compassion comes forward. She does it for my mom as well. Somehow, she knows when I have a migraine, a cold, or an emotional upset.

When I am sick or miserable for any reason, my cat Daisy is my nursemaid, mother, and comforter. She stays by my side, brings me her toys, and sings to me with her purr. Normally, I am not allowed to hold her paws, but when I don’t feel well, she puts her paw in my hand. If it’s a migraine where sound bother’s me, she does not purr. She comforts me.

There are three other cats in the house, and Daisy is mother to all. Granted that her own sister is from the same litter. They are probably only minutes a part in age. Yet Daisy behaves years older. Her sister is sweet, and she remains close when I am not well, but she has no desire anyone’s nurse maid.

I pray everyone could have a pet like Miss Daisy. One to comfort and care for you when you need it most.

Morale of the Story: My cat is awesome!

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One response to “Nurse Daisy

  1. smlebbon

    January 18, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Of course she is, she is Stacy’s Daisy.


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