How do you Give Cheer when there is No Cheer?

11 Jan

There are some people in my life receiving bad news. I want to cheer them, but I don’t have anything to offer. The situation is not life or death, but it is heart wrenching. It’s a lay off. So what can I do when I have no new jobs to offer?

I can pray for them and potential employers.
Bidden or not, God is present. I believe in the power of prayer.

I can give encouragement because these people are talented.
Not platitudes, but real facts. Reminders of their accomplishments.

I can recommend them on LinkedIn.
I don’t know if all employers value this, but I was once hired in part because my colleagues had recommended me on LinkedIn.

What else? I’d appreciate your ideas.

Morale of the Story: Humor doesn’t happen everyday.

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