Get Married! No, Don’t Get Married! Get Married! No, Don’t Get Married!

28 Aug

Opal & Sandy vs. Theda

Of all of the delightful people in the church I have attended most of my life, there are three women in particular whom I will remember all of my days.

Theda, who passed on years ago, was twice or thrice married. She loved her husbands, she loved being married, and she wanted everyone in her life to have the same love in their lives. Theda would tell of the love and affection, the companionship, and the joy a marriage can bring to your life. She was thoroughly fulfilled by this commitment.

Opal and Sandy were best friends, neighbors, and saw each other through their respective divorces while they had young children. These women had no intention of ever marrying again and were horrified at the thought of anyone else bothering to cross into such an institution without being thoroughly informed of all it’s aspects. Opal and Sandy would share how confining and cruel a marriage can be when you don’t have the definition of love. Life is better if you aren’t limited to living by someone else’s ideals. There was no love lost for their one and only marriage each.

My grandmother passed on when I was young. She had been my very best friend, and I treasured my time with her. The women at my church became my surrogate grandmothers. Opal, Sandy, and Theda were among these amazing women.

Unlike my grandmother whom I only had the pleasure of enjoying until I was 11 years old, these women I got to know for another twenty years. Just as my grandmother’s love never changed in her devotion and caring for me, these three women never changed in their advice to me. All of these women had valid points to make. If ever anyone asked about my dating life in the presence of Opal or Sandy, they would interrupt, “No need, she’s not getting married – ever!” But Theda was more up front and needed no prompting. If ever I saw her, she would open with “When are you getting married?”

So far, I’m falling in the camp with Opal and Sandy. However, I might be swayed into Theda’s way of thinking if I were to meet the right man. Only time will tell. I’m seeking not only loving, but a sense of humor, good cook, auto mechanic, plumber, accountant, gentle spirit, loves animals, lawn mower, masseuse, millionaire, and kind. Any suggestions?

Moral of the story: Advice, given with love, isn’t about the advice.

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