That Merry: Installment 00002 “Hair Curler Puller”

14 Aug

That darned cat!

We are the fortunate people to be kept by a few cats. One of which is a wee bit feisty. She is gifted at entertaining herself and getting her way. This cat’s name is Merry, as she was a Christmas present to my Aunt Gladys. Merry Christmas! And put away all fragile treasures and shiny things!

My mom inherited Merry when her sister passed away. We miss her sister dearly, but we now know something of the changes Aunt Gladys endured in her last months. Of course, this cat is so beguiling, that both Aunt Gladys and my mom gladly endure her shenanigans.

One such activity that Merry enjoyed altered the way my mom wears her hair. My mom is in her 70’s. For the last 60 plus years, she has worn her hair short and curly. It gets curly because she wears curlers to bed at night. We’re talking six decades here.  It took Merry a while, but she did manage to end this practice. How can one 15 pound cat alter the way a woman wears her hair after a lifetime? Well, well, you haven’t met Merry.

Merry delights in getting her way. If one method of doing so does not work, she will simply find a new venue. Within days of arriving at Aunt Gladys home, my dear aunt had to put away her numerous porcelain dolls. Why? After displaying them for years? Because Merry can jump six feet easily without a running start. The dolls were coming down quickly from their displays in the living room.

Now, why, would a woman who had spent years collecting porcelain dolls put them away and not give the cat back to the giver? Because this cat has a rare talent of wrapping the humans she loves around her pinky toe. She rubs the top of her head on their chins. She purrs so loudly and lovingly, you can’t help but smile. She sings for you to give her attention – so that you think you’re the only one who can pet her properly. She curls up in the lap of those she loves and claims their souls.

So, yes the dolls went away. The cat stayed. When Merry moved into our home, the glass decorations went, and the cat stayed. No cat before her had so adamantly knocked over items with such purpose. Late feeding her for a meal? Bye-bye glass vase. Not putting the paper down to pet her? The paper is ripped in half when she jumps into it to take over your lap. Not getting up on time to feed her breakfast? Bye-bye candle holder!

When we learned her tricks, we removed the class and breakables. All was well for a while. But her two most important meals cannot be late. So, what is a poor starving kitty to do when her breakfast or dinner are late? Put her long, slender, muscular arm through the curler and pull. Where is this curler? Attached to the  hair on my mother’s head!

Let’s just say that after a few weeks of this new behavior, someone stopped using curlers all together. Yep, my mother has now grown out her gorgeous gray locks and wears them straight or in a bun. Funny thing is, she is just as beautiful with long straight hair as she was with short curly locks.  That darned cat is still with us, and the love is undeniable.

Moral of the story: Love outweighs home decor and hair styles.

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