One Missing Slipper

15 Jul

So, I get back from a fantastic weekend scrapbooking at an awesome little Scrapbooking Retreat in Marshall, Michigan called the Riverside Inn ( I recommend it for all scrappers. It is a ranch house, it’s rented either as individuals and they host it and cook, or a group can rent it and cook for themselves. It is on a river and has lots of scrapping room and tools. I was pleasantly exhausted.

Finally, I unpack. I only have one brown fuzzy slipper. I get the suitcase back from the attic. No slipper. I check my laundry. No slipper. I check my sock drawer. No slipper. I reach under the edge of the bed. No slipper.

These slippers are cute AND comfortable. They’re fuzzy brown. They are normally all of $10 for a new pair. I got mine at the Discovery Shop (where all profits after utilities go to the American Cancer Society) for all of $1 – never even opened (they sometimes under price things). I miss my other slipper!

I e-mail the scrapbooking retreat. She replied only days later that the slipper is not found in either the room I slept in nor in the scrapping room. They have adorable rooms, each in a color theme with either two or three beds. Each bathroom also has a selection of shampoos and soaps.

Months later…

I drop something on the floor and it rolls under the bed. Laying on the cold wooden floor, scouching around to reach the item, I find there is a HUGE pile of items in the far, deep, dark back corner. I get a broom, pull the pile toward me, and I find … the missing slipper!

I was so excited, it took me a moment to realize what was in the rest of the pile. Let’s see, it included individual socks, toy mice, underwear (yuck!), left over stands of yarn, catnip toys, and one bra.

Not only do my cats lie about being hungry only moments after they’ve eaten. They are stealing items and dragging them to the least reachable portion under my bed. These things have no dust build-up. They are all clean. My cats don’t slouch, they only steal the best and keep them nice and neat.

Morale of the Story: Dust bunnies might not be the only thing under your bed if you room with mighty fine felines.

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