Little Liars

08 Jul

My mom and I live together in the family home that my father built. In this beautiful farm home, we each have two cats. Those cats … are liars.

My mom is in her mid-70’s and isn’t working outside of the home. I am in my late 30’s and do work outside of the home. What my mom does do is attend meetings and programs. She is active in her garden club, a local historical society, and the women’s group at church on a regular basis. She has other activities that she attends now and again as well. I go out in the evenings and on weekends as well now and again. No matter where we are, we never allow our cats to miss one single meal. You wouldn’t know it to hear them tell the tale.

In has come to the point that when one or the other of us has fed all of the cats because we are leaving home, we leave the other a note. Why? Because our cats … are liars.

If my mom fed all of the cats at 5:30 p.m. because she was leaving for a meeting, and I arrive home at 6:00 p.m. the same day, they will tell me they haven’t eaten for three days by crying out their tall tale of sorrow.

If I feed all of the cats at 9:00 a.m. because my mom went to an early breakfast with friends, and she arrives home a couple of hours later the same day while I’m away, they will throw themselves on the floor before her acting out the pain of their supposed starvation.

If ever, for any reason, anyone heads down the hallway to my mother’s room, her cats will race that person to my mother’s room, nearly knocking them over, to make sure they are fed if the opportunity arises. This remains true if they’ve been fed not even five minutes ago.

Yep, our cats lie for food. Some people stand on corners with signs offering to work for food. Some people have to wait in line at shelters for the hope of a meal. Some feel fortunate to have a once-a-day food drop-off in their area after surviving a hurricane. Our cats, who receive three square meals each and every day without fail will beg, borrow, and steal for an extra meal in between.

Moral of the Story: There is none. Our cats are just plain old beggars.

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