That Merry: Installment 00001

27 Jun

My mom inherited her sister’s cat. We miss her sister deeply, but the cat is a reminder of her sister’s love of fun. The cat in question was given to my Aunt Gladys by her daughter Julie (heretoreferredto as Cousin Julie). Aunt Gladys thought she’d be receiving another bird, as hers had passed on recently. However, Julie remembered her mother’s love of cats. As Aunt Gladys’ husband Jim was allergic to cats, she could not have one in their home. Now, the opportunity had arrived.

Miss Merry, given as a Christmas present, therefore named after the holiday greeting, changed Aunt Gladys’ life. Aunt Gladys loved dolls, especially porcelain dolls. They were all over the home in tasteful displays. Miss Merry, let’s just say, likes access to all levels of her environment. Within a month, Aunt Gladys put most of the dolls away, except for a few that she had firmly secured in safe locations. In the meantime, she had come to love Merry and her humorous antics. They learned to live together as pet and person-owned-by-pet.

To our great grief, Aunt Gladys passed on from this life in July, only seven months later. Because my mom knew what love and respect Aunt Gladys had for Merry, she offered to take Merry in. We did so the next day. It has been an adventure ever since.

In this particular instance, I had a friend over . This friend spent some time alone in our home while my mom and I attended a family event. My friend, Kerrie, is perfectly content to enjoy Facebook and cable while we were otherwise occupied. As the cats were not coming out to greet her, I provided her with treats to entice them. They were her friends until she (also a responsible person-owned-by-a-cat) felt that they had each inhaled enough treats. No food, no feline friend, so they dispersed … except Merry.

We have two bathrooms in our home. Kerrie then decided to use the one nearest her. However, that bathroom is nearest my mother’s bedroom. My mother’s bedroom is where her cat’s food is stored. Merry, nearly knocked Kerrie over when she realized the direction in which she was headed.

Unfortunately for Merry (not only was it not a mealtime), Kerrie only went as far as the bathroom. When Kerrie was finished and opened the door, there was one very angry Merry on the other side. She was scowling up at Kerry with extreme disapproval.

Fortunately, Merry does not take her anger out on those she isn’t in a long-term relationship with. So, she merely stalked around the house giving Kerrie dirty looks for a while. By the time we arrived home, she had settled down, and Kerrie was laughing about Merry’s latest antic.

Moral of the Story: Merry is a Christmas present that keeps on giving.

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