How to Accrue Library Fines

27 Jun

This is a unique skill I have come to possess. Over time, I find new ways to accrue library fines. The latest, my best yet! And I deserve EVERY penny!

  1. Reserve and pickup multiple DVDs from the local library.
  2. Watch videos.
  3. Collect boxes of DVDs that you’ve picked up from the library and return them to the library.
  4. Notice that you are now fined because one wasn’t returned.
  5. Determine the one in question is still in the DVD player.
  6. Take the DVD that has no box to the library and explain that the box was already returned.
  7. Library calls you, “We don’t find the box. Are you sure you returned it?”
  8. Reply, “Of course, the same day as the others.”
  9. Library, “We’ll keep looking.”
  10. Two days later, clean behind TV because company is coming.
  11. Oops! There’s the DVD box.
  12. Return box after hours with a note of apology in the box.

Moral of the Story: This is how you spend $2.00 extra that’s not in your budget.

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