Mad Cat!

23 Jun

I love my old lady cats. They are quiet, calm, and not easily upset. (Well, if it isn’t past their meal time.)  My girls were born in an old barn and lived there the first few months of life. Storms hardly ever make them weary. That is, so long as no personal “injury” comes to them from the storm.

So here’s some background: I have IBS and migraines. If I take a lot of migraine medication, the IBS comes screaming to the forefront. It was 2:00 a.m. I had taken a lot of migraine medication so that I could work the day before. Oops! I have to use the bathroom NOW! I left my bedroom and shut the bedroom door. My cats were in my room. A terrible thunder-storm came up including lightning and rain. A lot of rain. Rain that came into the bedroom window … in which my dear darling Daisy was sitting.

There I am, 2 a.m., stuck on the toilet. And I hear screaming from my bedroom! But I can’t get up. I’ve got IBS, and it’s in full swing. After 20 minutes of stomach misery AND a screaming cat, I am able to get my rump off of the porcelain thrown and into my bedroom.

My dear darling Daisy is sitting on my bed. Screaming and cussing at me. Because she was in the window when it started to rain. I failed in my duty to remove her from the window before her hair got the tiniest bit wet. According to Daisy, this deserves severe punishment.

Daisy woke me to remind me of her difficulty at having the smallest patch of fur being a wee bit wet. She woke me every HOUR on the HOUR for the rest of the night! She knew I had to go to work in the morning, and that my day would not be pretty from lack of sleep. She also told me of her pain and suffering the entire time I was getting ready for work. This is a cat who barely speaks 3 meows all day. Fair punishment as I allowed her to suffer with a wee bit of rain touching her fancy fur. (Seriously, not even a patch 2 inches square … on a 20 pound cat.)

Today, I can see the humor. It is my fault after all. I adore them, I pamper them, and I usually close the window if it might rain. I was very, very wrong. I have been duly punished for my lack of consideration.

Moral of the Story: Always close the window if it MIGHT rain. Gotta keep the old broads happy!

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