22 Jun

Can you make tea with a hotel room coffee pot? Sure! If you know how to use the machine. Here are instructions on how to NOT use the hotel room coffee pot:

  1. Start at midnight after studying for 3 hours for a pass or fail class you are taking for work.
  2. Fill coffee pot with water – this step is acceptable.
  3. Poor water from pot into the section that actually holds the coffee (or tea bags) – this is where I started to go wrong.
  4. Quickly shove the now empty coffee pot under the quickly spewing bucket that is meant for the coffee grounds.

Okay, once all of the water is cleaned up with two hotel towels, try again.

  1. Now, I want sugar in my tea. Where do I put the sugar? In the coffee pot.
  2. Oops, I think the water goes in the coffee pot first.
  3. Remove sugar from the pot and put in cheap hotel coffee mug.
  4. Put water in the coffee pot.
  5. Poor into the appropriate section at the back of the coffee machine.
  6. I mean INSIDE the thingy, not over and on the dresser too.

This time, it took 4 more hotel towels to clean up that spillage. I only have three left before I need to call room service.

  1. Now, fill coffee pot back up.
  2. Look CLOSELY where the water goes in the back of the coffee machine.
  3. Place tea bags where coffee grounds would go.
  4. Poor sugar from cheap coffee mug back into the coffee pot.
  5. Turn on machine.
  6. Oops! Slam coffee pot under drippy thing!!!

Tada! I now have hot tea. Except …  I wanted iced tea.

  1. Run out into hallway in pajama’s with ice bucket.
  2. Oops, forgot room key, oh well, the hotel room door didn’t shut all the way. (NOTE TO SELF: check this in the morning before class.)
  3. Get room key.
  4. Go to 3 hotel floors before you find a working ice maker.
  5. Return with ice.
  6. Place some ice into cheap hotel mug.
  7. Gently pour hot tea over ice in cheap hotel mug
  8. Go To Bed: It’s now 1:30 a.m. and you have class at 8:30 a.m.

 Moral of the Story: Buy iced tea from a local vendor before returning to the hotel.

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