By the Grace of God, Go I

Attempting to make it to Japan Town in San Francisco, we took the bus a bit too far. It was by the Grace of God.

As I was realizing we may be quite a few blocks away from our destination, a gorgeous woman on the sidewalk in gloves and a hat asked if we would join her for church. I looked up, and it is a United Methodist Church. Having missed the previous Sunday due to this work/vacation traveling, I was hungry for God’s Grace in a worship service.

My mom and I followed her into a simple and elegant sanctuary where every single soul who passed us smiled and greeted us, welcoming us to worship. We were seated next to a long-time member in the back so we could leave early. They were very understanding that we were tourists and had plans for the day. Such compassionate Grace.

The lovely woman we were seated next to requested that someone hand us the songbooks. That included the current United Methodist Hymnal – a book that looks much like home and an old friend to me. There’s a comforting presence that comes over me when I see this book of beloved songs and affirmations. This gift of God’s Grace was beginning to be overwhelming.

There was much singing in the beginning. The voices raised were honest and passionate. Each loving voice blended into a magnificent song of praise. I hope a visitor would feel the same at my home church. The Grace was sung beautifully.

A young man read the scripture, a young woman sang a solo in the choir, the pastor preached a heart-warming sermon, and God’s Grace was in every moment, and has lasted weeks after.

Their church was destroyed in the 1989 earthquake. They not only rebuilt, but managed to save some of the stained glass and include it in the new building. The Grace shown through the glass.

Moral of the Story: Home is where you take it. Grace is where you live it.

A stained glass window in the center of the sanctuary ceiling.

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Blue Skys

I recently saw again the movie Pleasantville. I don’t believe I’ve seen it since it was in the theater.

I know the movie is really about the reason why we need change. I understand the need for change, but I don’t feel that change in and of itself means it’s always good or moving forward.

For me though, this time through, although I have a deeper understanding of the movie, it is hitting on a baser need for me. That would be routine.

Routine is how I tell the days a part, the weekends from the weekdays, and the holidays from the weekends. I need routine to know what to do next and when. I need to be on a schedule where everything has a place and everything is in it’s place.

And yet, in this movie, when change happens, the colors appear. No more black, white, and gray. Life is full of reds, pinks, peaches, yellows, blues, greens, and golds.

So sometimes, when I lose my routine, perhaps it’s for the better. Perhaps there’s a more beautiful night sky, or a more colorful autumn tree, or even more shades of green and gold in a cat’s eye.

If I’m off my rocker and staring at the lovely sky, perhaps my routine has been altered and I’m seeing new shades of blue.

A blue sky, with a couple of clouds, a dark green tree line, and three birds flying in the air.

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ATTENTION SINGLE STRAIGHT MEN: If you are seeking the love of your life between 40 and 80 years of age … join a book club! So long as you don’t mind a literate woman, you’ll have the pick of the litter.

I was at the Reading Together author event last night, and it was probably 90% women. To meet men, I’m in the wrong club. Thank goodness I’m in it for the books!

Books on a shelf at a book store - all cozy mysteries

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Baking Soda Paste – It Works!

In the last six months or so, I’ve burned myself three times. All three times, I was able to make a paste with baking soda and water. I put this on the burn and covered it with a damp paper town or wash cloth and left it on for at least 20 minutes. Each time, the pain went way and the visual portion of the burn did as well!

Burned three times in six months? Me? Accident prone? I know not what you speak of. Ouch!

IMG_4842 Signed

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If, Then…

Today I received the following in an e-mail from Pinterest:

Pinterest says that I am an active user.

Pinterest might want to check their stats, because friends tell me they are on weekly or even daily for long periods of time. I get on for an hour once-a-month or so. This barely makes me an active user, never-you-mind, a “most active” user.

Dear Pinterest,

Thanks for the giggles today!

A not-so-frequent user,

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The Bright Spot

My kitty living with terminal kidney failure needs to go to the vet now and again. This last time, she was starting to get dehydrated, and I needed to take her in. The vet was very kind and shared something that warmed my heart and soul.

The vet was listening to Miss Daffy’s heart. I had been petting Daffy, but she started to fidget anyhow, so I began talking to her. The vet said to keep it up – my voice was slowing her heartbeat to normal levels. Me? I make someone in my life regular! Who knew?

I give thanks to hear from a third party that her love of me is confirmed yet again. In all of this life’s turmoil, I needed to hear that. Thank you, Dr. Penny!

This reminded me of my grandma. My mother’s mother. I remember once going into her room, and she waved me in although she and my mom were talking. I gave her a hug, like always, and my mom left us alone to visit.

Later, on the way home, my mom asked if I noticed anything different about grandma that day. I didn’t. She asked if I remember that they were talking, and I came into the room. I did. She said that her mother’s face lit up when I came into the room. I said that grandma always looked that way.

I don’t ever recall grandma without a smile. (Well, except when I smashed her toe under the bathroom door, but we’ll forget that one instance.) For me, she was always a bright spot in any and every day. After what my mom said, I knew that I was a bright spot for her too.

Now, I am honored to be that for someone else. And Daffy is a bright spot for me.

Moral of the Story: May you find that you are the bright spot for someone in your life.

2013_04_13_4522 Sign

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Easily Giving Thanks

Some things are easier to give thanks over than others. For example, it was too hot for me today. I’m not a fan of the 80′s. It’s just too much. In addition, I have a migraine today. Probably due to barometric changes.

This afternoon, I took a nap to try to end the migraine. It didn’t work, but when I got up, I was just too hot. Even though I felt miserable, I had to get the window air conditioners installed. I couldn’t stand one more moment of the heat. This evening, all are installed, and the house feels so very much better.

Tonight, I am giving thanks with every breath I take, every time I get up and the back of my knees aren’t sweaty, every time I walk from the living room to the kitchen and don’t break out in a sweat, and every time run my hands through my hair and it is no longer dripping with sweat.

I very much find these window air conditioners easy to give thanks to God for when it’s too hot for me to handle.

Moral of the story: Sometimes it is hard to remember to give thanks to God. But when it is easy, be sure to give it gladly and with hymns of praise.

2012_10_29_3581 Signed

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