Progress – She’s Still Here

Okay, this is nuts. Daffy was miserable and wouldn’t drink since early afternoon yesterday. She would eat a few bites now and then, but not much.

So, I wake early to call for an appointment.

I leave work early to take her to the vet. Will need to make up time for that.

I get home, and she walks away from me under the corner table. She knows where we’re to go.

Finally get her to the vet. …


  • NOT dehydrated
  • Eyes look great
  • Lungs are clear
  • Tongue looks great
  • Slight heart murmur – but normal for age

Since nothing else looks wrong, we took blood work to be sure, since she gave me a fright:

  • Creatinine – 2 points BETTER than 6 weeks ago
  • BUN – Same as 5 weeks ago, so it’s good enough
  • Liver – Awesome!

Basically, Jerry Lee (vet receptionist/accountant/administration) and I decided that she just likes to hear Jerry Lee and I converse while waiting on the results.

 2013_08_23_5720 Small
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Lent – Day 4, March 8, 2014

Today we were asked to talk to someone we see on a regular basis, but don’t know well. We’re to get to know those in our life that we take for-granted, such as the librarian, cashier at the local grocery, mailman, or veterinarian.

Today, I wasn’t around people I don’t see often. But yesterday I was at the vet’s office. I got to know the receptionist a little better. Each time we talk outside of the pets in our lives, I get to know her a little more, and I like her a little more. Chatting with her is quite easy.

We’re to revisit this later, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity. May be I’ll need to get to visit with her again soon. I pray it isn’t for the reason I was in there yesterday (see yesterday’s post).

IMG_1329 Sign

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Lent – Day 3, March 7, 2014

Today’s Lenten act is to share a tool that I used today from my life’s toolbox.

Of course, my mind goes to the box in the garage with wrenches, hammers, files, and wire cutters.

But then I wonder if they mean the toolbox for crafting, such as scissors, tweezers, adhesives, and wire cutters.

Or is it the specific craft of beading, which contains pliers, vises, scoops, and wire cutters.

But then I realized they meant the tools of my mind. Not the wire cutters I so enjoy wielding.

I learned today that one of my beloved pets is dying of kidney failure. There are many treatments available, but most involve poking with needles, prodding with medications, and having her stay at the vet’s office.

I’ve been here before. Many years ago, another cat in my care suffered from kidney failure. She endured three years of treatment, mostly because she was so very young when it reared its ugly head. In the end, I continued forcing her to eat to survive. I was wrong. She suffered, and I feel it was more so due to my need for her to live. I believe in the afterlife, she’s forgiven me. I feel it. I beat myself up with guilt for years, and she’s brought me peace.

This particular kitty is not 5 years old at diagnosis, but she is 15 and a half. She is also not in the early stages of the disease, but extreme and advanced. I refuse to make this kitty endure medical misery nor forced feeding in her end of days. The choice is hers to eat and drink. I will continue to make the offers, but I am not forcing anything when her comfort zone is home with family and friends who love her.

She is in bed with me at night, as usual. She is in the living room with me during the day, as usual. She still uses her litter box like a proper, gentle lady. She is drinking far less and refusing to eat hardly any of the concoctions I provide (most recommended by the vet, some are her favorites).

So long as she is content, she will remain. Once that content is gone, there may be one last trip to the vet.

My tool today is compassion for her and not selfishness for me. Today’s tool is more difficult to use than the wire cutters that are so comfortable and easy to use in my hand.

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Lent – Day 2, March 6, 2014

A generosity jar is today’s Lent activity. This is for either (both?) money to give away later in Lent or promises of generosity to share. I look forward to finding out where this will go later…

A glass bottle on a quilted bed spread with lavenders, greens, and blues.

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Lent – Day 1, March 5, 2014

I am following for Lent this year. Day one is starting a journal and beginning with a gratitude list. Here goes:

  • A God who teaches agape love
  • A solid family
  • A phenomenal array of friends
  • A band of adorable pets
  • Hope that tomorrow will be warmer than today
    (but if not warmer, at least not in the negative numbers)

P1040639 Sign

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New Drawer

I might need to get a second sock drawer … for the independents.4

Image of rolled up socks in a basket with a row of individual, unmatched socks next to it.

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Michigan Weather

Oh, what a day!

This morning it was snowing.
By mid-morning it was blowing.

Just before noon there was some slush.
When I went out for lunch, everything was covered in mush.

By afternoon break it was warm and cozy.
Such a lovely walk on near dry sidewalks made my cheeks glow rosy.

Leaving the office too late in the evening was a walk in the rain.
And now I sit here with thunder and lightning wishing for snow again.

Oh, what a day!

PS: We had fog a few days ago.

A tree, covered in snow, a field behind it with a thin line of fog running through the field.

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